Short-term programmes / Business, Marketing & communication in the European context

Business, Marketing and Communication in a European Context (spring school)

The programme Business, Marketing & Communicationin the European Context is composed of a collection of courses and a group project. The class lectures and discussions cover an introduction to the European business environment, different management practices in Europe, and marketing and management in Europe.

Language of instruction


Programme content

This programme is designed to help students develop an understanding of the cultural, social, and international elements of the European Union’s economy as well as the marketing and management characteristics specific to this market. Students will also expand their knowledge of European cultures (business practices, services, politics, etc.) in order to understand the European Union economic system. Courses will be held during the morning while the afternoon will be comprised of both courses and company visits.

Throughout the two weeks, the students will also devote ongoing work to a final group project. Students will choose a product that does not yet exist in one of the 27 European Union countries. Groups develop a SWOT analysis and a marketing plan based on the specific characteristics of the chosen country. The final presentation includes a description of the product, an overview of the target country, and a marketing plan to successfully enter the chosen market. Presentations will be held on the last two days of class.


Two-week programme in May 

2014 Dates

22nd May -5th June (no courses on May 29th and 30th because of French holidays)

Expected arrival date: 21st May


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