Training leaders for positive change


At Audencia, we train leaders for change, capable of inventing and implementing more responsible business models and management practices. The curriculum has been developed alongside extensive co-curricular events and projects to teach you about both the complexity and the potential of responsible management. Every dimension of the programmes holds global responsibility as its core value.

An innovative Institute for Global Responsibility and Entrepreneurship


Why study responsible management at Audencia? Because we’ve placed global responsibility at the heart of all our operations and programmes, pioneering the field of responsible management education. Our commitment to the field takes the form of development in three areas:

  • Knowledge acquisition and transfer through research and teaching
  • Recruitment policies focusing on diversity, in part through scholarship programmes
  • Support for entrepreneurs and companies following sustainable business practices through our networks


Institute for Global Responsibility and Entrepreneurship (IGRE)

To coordinate and implement Audencia’s different activities related to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability in research, teaching, corporate relations and internal management, Audencia has created an Institute for Global Responsibility and Entrepreneurship. The IGRE works closely with companies and other stakeholders to identify the major economic, social, and environmental challenges for today’s businesses and promote innovative solutions to face these challenges. In particular, the IGRE coordinates several corporate chairs on microfinance, responsible management of the food sector, and CSR in SMEs. Since 2006, the IGRE has published an annual report on Audencia’s various activities in the field of CSR and sustainable development. It also moderates a blog to allow its different stakeholders to comment on its projects and to make suggestions to the school.


Audencia Foundation’s 2010-2015 campaign

To continue developing research on responsible practices in global management, the Audencia Foundation’s 2010-2015 campaign focuses on Global Responsibility and Entrepreneurship. In 2011, 42% of the foundation’s funds for academic research were put toward Global Responsibility projects.



Key figures

  • Ranked among the top 6 business schools in France
  • Ranked among the top 20 business schools in Europe
  • Among the world’s 1% of business schools to hold 3 international accreditations, including AMBA for MBA programmes
  • Close to 3,000 students representing 65 nationalities
  • A network of over 17,000 alumni
  • More than 120 academic partners in 46 countries
  • 130 corporate partners
  • 90 permanent faculty (42% international)