Frais de scolarité

Les frais de scolarité pour l'année académique 2016/2017

Pour l'EIBM

(Programme en 1 an)

14 600 €
300 € pour des cours de langue intensifs (optionnel)

Pour l'IMM (Programme de 12 à 18 mois)


Pour l'IMM (Programme en 2 ans)

16 400 €*


19 400 €*

Pour le MSc SCPM

(Programme en 18 mois)

Pour le MSs SCPM

(Programme en 2 ans)



15 000 €


19 000 €


(Programme en 1 an)

14,500 €

*Application fees for study periods abroad in partners schools for the IMM programme :

• Asia Focus: € 2,000

• North-America Focus: €6,000 to € 8,000 depending on the partner school

• Europe and M.E.N.A focuses: no additional tuition fees

• Summer school Audencia: no additional tuition fees

• Summer school at a partner school: €2,000 to €3,000 depending on the partner school

Tuition fees include:

  • access to all aspects of the programme
  • supply of study support material
  • a school access card
  • access to the library
  • access to the computer facilities
  • an email address and internet access
  • access to the schools’ intranet and to at Audencia
  • access to sports facilities (Audencia)
  • access to the cafeteria
  • access to student areas
  • access to schools’ car park
  • career services


Other costs linked to school fees

Compulsory registration with the student social security system (students under 28 years of age): The total for 2014/2015 was € 213. This sum must be paid at the latest on the first day of the school year and for the subsequent years before September 30.

Costs such as visa fees, transportation, accommodation or meals are to be paid directly by the student.


Application fee : € 100


For information on scholarships, please see the page dedicated to funding sources.