Cognac and Spirits Management: Equipped for industry needs

22 January 2020

With a turnover in 2017 of over 9 billion euros, including over 4 billion in exports, French excellence in spirits production is world-renowned. The Charente region’s Spirits Valley makes up 80 percent of the French spirits production turnover. In May, Audencia launched together with Grand Cognac region and the Centre Universitaire de la Charente (CUC, University Centre of Charente) joint training programmes focusing on the French know-how in the of field of spirits, aimed at French and international students.

The Audencia MSc in Cognac & Spirits Management will welcome its first intake in September 2020. These MSc students will discover the French Art de Vivre while visiting sites that illustrate the uniqueness of what France has to offer the world.  The course will be taught entirely in English. Students will also have the opportunity to do an internship in a national or international company.  

Discover more- read the Times Higher Education article


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