Discover the new edition of The Mag about "Tomorrow's world"

04 December 2020


December is upon us, rounding off a tough 2020 that will go down in the books as an altogether peculiar year. Wishing to focus on better days ahead in 2021, and ever eager to resume our network’s regular activities, the Alumni Center thought it would be good to see what lies in store further down the line. That’s why this issue’s topic of “Tomorrow’s world” is more relevant than ever.

At a time when Audencia is already planning ahead for 2025 (see inside this issue), we are delighted to present you with our 15th edition of The mag.

Come and discover our selection of testimonials, undertakings and forecasts from fellow network members, as they share their analyses, aspirations and reasons to be optimistic about the future.

Enjoy your read!

Discover The Mag #15

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