#Iconic_Audencians: Amal Abdulqader

31 May 2021
A life story stranger than fiction

Amal Abdulqader, MBA 2012, Multicultural Liaison Officer

Amal hesitated before agreeing to an interview for our iconic alumni series. "I wasn’t sure that my profile would be a good fit because my story is messy, with some ups, but also lots of downs." She came on board when she realised that it would allow her to look back on her odyssey and document her journey to date. Amal’s itinerary has taken her from Yemen to Malaysia, the USA and now Canada where she new works for the immigration services organisation, which assists newcomers. Raised in conservative Yemen where girls were destined to marry early and become housewives, Amal’s career has been admirable; it is the desire to make a difference that has driven her from a young age.

Against all odds and facing objections raised by some of her relatives, Amal went into higher education thanks to prestigious “high potential” scholarships and came out with two master’s degrees. With a war-torn country as a backdrop, she studied for an MBA at Audencia, then returned home to hold a high-profile role in the (later aborted) peaceful political transition process, later being hired by the UN. Amal’s journey is a testament to her strength of character. We have grown accustomed to narratives where the selfless hero is rewarded with a happy ending. But Amal ended up in exile and recent years have proved bittersweet.

Amal’s life, like that of millions of other migrants, outstrips fiction. We are profoundly grateful to Amal for sharing it with us.

To mark Audencia’s 120th anniversary in 2020, we have launched our very first iconic alumni collection. Each year we will showcase the amazingly diverse profiles and career paths of Audencians from around the globe. The ten alumni that you will discover in the following pages have very generously given up their time for an interview with fellow alumna, Katia Hérault (GE 2001), for which we are immensely grateful.
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