The "Digital Marketing level 1" launch

16 juin 2017
Audencia Business School inspires

Audencia Business School inspired L'Oréal and General Assembly launching the "Digital Marketing level 1". A "GMAT" revolutionizing the recruitment process. The DM1 evaluates six key areas of digital marketing: digital advertising, engagement marketing, content marketing, mobile marketing, social media and multichannel marketing.

Understanding the competencies of teams can guide priorities in training, identify individual learning paths for training and development as well as measure improvement post-training.”

The online assessment tests foundational skills from setting objectives to optimizing campaigns, using questions based on real world case studies. This new way to evaluate skills allows to discover different candidate profiles and to "see a future where education to employment is about the skills you demonstrate, not where you’ve been."


Thanks to Vincent Balusseau, Associate Professor of Marketing at Audencia Business School for the idea of creating a "GMAT for digital marketing". Learn more

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