BBA Audencia : "All I experienced here was beyond my imagination!"

12 April 2019
Marcelo SOUSA, exchange student, gives us his insights about the BBA Audencia.

What did you do before the BBA?

I came from a B.Sc in Marketing Management at ISCTE Business School – IUL, the only Triple Crown Business School with this degree in Portugal and, at the same time, I have been working in media, public relations, events and music industry.


What did you learn from your experience in the BBA?

This programme had a very multicultural and multidisciplinary environment, with students and teachers from all over the World, with different professional experiences and diverse scientific fields, that certainly enriched all the class discussions and the projects we developed together. This was a very hands-on programme, where we were called to think, plan and act and to use relevant tools and frameworks in the moment, a very “learning by doing” approach that suited my “solutions finder”, “action taker” and extrovert profile perfectly. The teachers were very supportive, some even with coaching skills, which also made the development of each individual and team skyrocketed! In this programme I had the opportunity to explore all the supply chain and develop an even more cross-functional, cross-disciplinary, an environmentally and socially responsible way of being in and doing business, I enhanced my “natural marketer” customer-centric perspective and born in me a new process improvement mindset. The BBA also helped in my continuous improvement in crucial soft skills like negotiation, presentation, public speaking, coaching, conflict management, team building and interpersonal communication.


Could you tell us a bit more about your future projects after the BBA?

I have a very exciting opportunity in Lisbon in a very disruptive international group and in a new industry to me, traveling and hospitality!


What is your best souvenir of the BBA programme?

I wanted to go to a new university, to a new country to explore and open the horizons, I chose to study different fields and markets and, in the end, I accomplished that with great courses, teachers and colleagues! This was a life-changing move and all I experienced here was beyond my imagination! “Never stop daring”!

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