Webinar Engineer-Managers

Published on : 05 January 2021

We are pleased to meet you on Thursday, 14 January at 1pm (French time) between engineer-manager alumni.


1- The important challenges for your community will be communicated by:

2- Professor Thomas Johnsen will discuss with you on "Impact of COVID-19 on Supply Chain management”.
Supply chain have been severely tested by the COVID-19 crisis, exposing problematic practices that resulted in supply chain disruptions. Companies have had to learn from their mistakes and re-build their supply chains as more flexible and resilient.


3- In this webinar, we will discuss what lessons have been learned by companies drawing from the recent survey of companies along with Andreina Carolina Rodriguez (MSCPM 19) working with Swarovski and Mattia Covezzi (MSCPM 18) working with Nestlé will share their experiences.

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The event will take place via Microsoft Teams and the link will be shared when you register.

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