Short-term programmes / European Business management

European Business management (summer school)

This intensive six-week summer programme is aimed at students who wish to broaden their knowledge and deepen their understanding of the European market and management practices. The programme is based on a combination of course work, company visits and city tours. French courses are also provided for students who wish to participate and accommodation in a French host family can be arranged upon request.

Language of instruction


Programme content

Over the 6 weeks, 5 modules are covered on the following topics:

  • Introduction to the European Union – Week 1
    Aims to analyse different aspects of the European Union including the US-Europe relationship in terms of economic issues, European market priorities and the adoption of the free European market.
  • The European Business Environment – Week 2
    This module offers an introduction to the environment of European business through the study of France, Germany, the UK, Scandinavia, Mediterranean countries and Eastern Europe.
  • Intercultural Management – Week 3
    This module focuses on guiding students in the self-analysis process of their academic, cultural, and business environment. Emphasis is placed on expatriates, social responsibility and understanding cultural diversity in the work place.
  • Marketing in Europe – Weeks 4 and 5
    This module aims to combine the knowledge acquired in the previous modules and implement a marketing project in the European context. Courses include consumer behaviour, branding strategies and international marketing.
  • EU city Study Tour – Week 6
    In the final module, students will be participating in a study tour of Brussels where they will explore many government buildings, banks and tourist destinations. 


Six-week programme in June and July

Dates for the 2014 edition

11th June -18th July. (due to bank holidays in France, the program starts on Tuesday this year)

Expected arrival date: 10th June


Students from our partner universties receive all details to register through their coordinator.

Free movers can contact the Summer School manager, Cécile Steyer: for more details.