Mission and method

The aim of the Multi-Capital Global Performance Chair is to strengthen multi-capital measurement and control systems through innovation, to participate in international standardization in the field and to support the transformation of teams and professions.

Our mission

Transforming tomorrow's accounting

To provide integrated multi-capital accounting to companies of all sizes with the aim of infusing management control, internal control and reporting to stakeholders, while respecting international standards, sustainable development objectives and planetary limits.

Supporting the financial services professions

  • Training and raising awareness among teams of sustainable development accountants and controllers
  • Providing insights into current events
  • Decrypting standards and advances
  • Assisting teams with the right tools

Standardization and harmonization of standards

  • Participating in national, European and international standardization of multi-capital accounting
  • Enriching the thinking of standardization bodies through research
  • Participating in efforts to harmonize international standards


Our method