Publications and Events


Global Multi-Capital Performance Chair Conference - June 8, 2021

Nearly 300 people attended the very first edition of the research center's annual conference online, on June 8, 2021.

On the program:

  • A roundtable discussion to kick things off, in the company of the Chair's three main partners: L'Oréal, Danone and PwC France and Maghreb.
  • A detailed explanation of the LIFTS Accounting Model multi-capital accounting methodology developed by the Chair
  • A presentation of the various reports published or being published: "What connection between financial and non-financial accounting? Développement durable, et immatériels, état des lieux des représentations en comptabilité financière" [Sustainable and immaterial development, inventory of representations in financial accounting]; "Exploration des modèles d'évaluation de la soutenabilité [Exploration of un-sustainablity assessment models]. In-depth analysis of existing multi-capital models"; "Accounting for planetary limits and social floors."
  • A presentation of case studies carried out in collaboration with three SMEs: Yever, Nepsen and Bathô.
  • A presentation of the results of the survey on the ESG practices of internal auditors conducted in partnership with IFACI.

I discover the entire event on video:

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Global Multi-Capital Performance Chair Conference - March 7, 2023

The Chair's second annual conference, held at Audencia's Paris offices, provided an opportunity to take stock of the Chair's ongoing projects.

On the program:

  • Roundtable: Will multi-capital accounting become the norm for accounting for sustainability?
  • Danone's experiment with the LIFTS accounting model
  • Audencia's implementation of the LIFTS accounting model
  • Accounting for Gender Equality (LIFTS)
  • Discussing monetization
  • Positive impact accounting
  • Results of the study on internal controls and sustainability reporting

I discover the whole event in video:

See the replay