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Why create a research chair in family entrepreneurship?

The founders of the chair started from the observation that family businesses are the most widespread form of business in France today, but that they are "the great forgotten ones"!

But keeping family businesses, their know-how and their decision-making centers in the country is a major economic and social challenge today, as it was yesterday! With the announcement by the President of the Republic of industrial relocations in France, the importance of this issue is even more evident!

The Presidency therefore wished to take a position on the preparation of business succession in order to contribute to strengthening the durability and accelerating the growth of family businesses.

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Objectives and mission

Launched in June 2013, the Family Entrepreneurship & Society Chair is a unique research and knowledge-sharing institution in France. Our goal is to contribute to academic research on entrepreneurial families and family businesses, based on in-depth knowledge of the field and constant dialogue with all stakeholders - shareholders, researchers, public authorities.

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The team

The Family Entrepreneurship & Society Chair has a dedicated team of educator-researchers, a Research Fellow, Consultant Experts and an ATER (Teaching/Research Fellow) to contribute to a better understanding of family business at the regional, national and international levels through research and training.

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The Family Entrepreneurship & Society Chair was established under the impetus of several founding partners and major patrons. Find out why our partners and patrons support us.