The Chair team works with Audencia faculty to integrate the latest knowledge from research and fieldwork on family businesses into specialization courses in entrepreneurship.

It is able to propose new programs that meet the needs of family businesses. The goal is to prepare new generations for business succession and to contribute to the sustainability and growth of family businesses.

The Path of the Future Family Business Manager

Future manager of a family business

Audencia welcomes 8 to 15 participants for each training session. For one or two days per month, they work in workshops on the issue of legitimizing the successor and identifying his or her own positioning levers.

The aim is to link the past, present and future in order to envisage his or her development and integration into the family business.

Family Business Course

Faces of company employees

The first course dedicated to family businesses will be offered to students in Audencia's Entrepreneurship major.

The objective: to present what a family business is, its characteristics, the challenges it faces...

This course is part of a more global perspective to make family businesses better known to different audiences (students, but also politicians, the general public...) and above all to improve the attractiveness of these businesses, which sometimes have recruitment problems in the territories.