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The Family Entrepreneurship & Society chair is a place for research, knowledge sharing and best practices in the service of family businesses. Its aim is to produce data and studies to feed academic research and contribute to a better understanding of family businesses. The Chair fosters the expression of the stakeholders involved and interaction between academic contributions and realities in the field.


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  • The emotional ambivalence of new generations of family entrepreneurs

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  • Leadership of new generations of family entrepreneurs

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  • More than 1/3 of family business leaders want to pass on their business to a family member

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  • 70% of French people would prefer to work in a family business...

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Case studies

Logo Gil Turpeau

How do you sustain a family business into the 4th generation?

Conducted in partnership with the Nantes-based Gil Turpeau Batiment company, this case study looks at the issues of business continuity and development through the prism of handover, as well as the challenges of recruiting and retaining a skilled workforce in a highly competitive sector.

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Logo Emulsar

How do you innovate when you're a young family business?

Developed with the participation of Frédéric Arnaud, co-CEO of EMULSAR, this case study tackles issues relating to leadership and innovation management in a family business context. Today, this high-tech company is pursuing its development and integrating technological innovations in various business sectors.

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Logo de Buyer

How can we maintain Made in France know-how?

Developed with the de Buyer company, established since 1830 in the Vosges region of France, which has made "Made in France" quality as its core value. Driven by tradition, innovation and internationalism, this company opened its doors to us to carry out a fascinating case study that looks at the different strategic turns taken by the company over the generations that have succeeded one another at the head of the company.

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