Slow Fashion Training

Want to take action for more responsible fashion? Join our Slow Fashion training module!

Slow Fashion Training by Audencia

The program aims to raise everyone's awareness of responsible fashion.

How? By raising awareness of the sector's impact, deciphering purchasing patterns, and discovering more sustainable practices.

The goal? That everyone, at his or her own level, participates in the collective effort to create a rational fashion and knows how to spread the right information.

This is a free online module that takes 2 hours to complete.

For more information, contact Mélanie Dugué

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Slow Fashion Training in a nutshell, what is it?

What is it?

A module to raise awareness of responsible fashion, make people stakeholders and spread the right messages around you.

Why do it?

To better understand the impact of the sector, to decipher our purchasing behavior in order to stimulate new reflexes.


A fun, guilt-free 2-hour module

For whom?

Anyone wishing to take action for more sustainable fashion


Have an Internet connection and be familiar with video conferencing tools

And the price?

Free with registration (based on availability)