About us

To carry out its various missions, the Positive Impact Chair is made up of a team of educator-researchers and researchers recognized for their expertise and proximity to economic actors.

A multidisciplinary team

Florence Touzé

Chair Holder

Florence Touzé-Rieu has developed her academic expertise in two directions: the evolution of the brand concept towards greater responsibility & the transformation of communication and its professions to support this transition.

Consumption, implicit marketing and responsible communication are at the heart of her teaching and research projects.

Mélanie Dugué

Research Manager

With a Master's degree in Sociology, Mélanie works on issues related to responsible consumption, particularly from the consumer's point of view.

She also studies the subjects of professional equality, the quest for meaning at work, and employee onboarding in the CSR approach of organizations.


Ameline Bordas

Research Manager

With a Master's degree in Sociology, Ameline Bordas works on CSR strategy and management issues.

Since 2017, Ameline has worked in particular on projects related to sustainable development strategy (materiality matrix...) and family entrepreneurship.