Gender Equality Barometer - 2nd edition

couv baromètre égalité pro 2023 audencia KPMG

Increasing mobilization of companies, still too often limited to legal obligations

The Professional Equality Barometer, an OpinionWay survey conducted for Audencia's Positive Impact Chair in partnership with KPMG, is designed to understand and analyze inequalities between women and men in the workplace.

This second edition of the barometer sheds light on the differences between women's and men's behavior when it comes to negotiating in the workplace, whether in terms of pay or new responsibilities. It also reveals the discrimination perceived in relation to parenthood and the absence or lack of respect perceived by employees in relation to professional equality policies.

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A better understanding of the quest for meaning in work

Commitment, an asset in attracting and retaining employees

What do we mean by the search for meaning in work? This is becoming a major issue for organizations seeking to attract, motivate and retain talent. But how can organizations respond? Audencia's Positive Impact Chair partnered with jobs_that_makesense to conduct the survey.

Discover Part 2: Testimonials from employees and business owners who have been through a career transition complete the first quantitative part of our study.

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Identify and prioritize CSR issues to build a CSR strategy and make a positive impact

Materiality Analysis

Audencia's Positive Impact Chair helped Crédit Agricole Atlantique Vendée create a new version of its materiality matrix.

Based on this experience, the Positive Impact Chair decided to create a guide to help companies or organizations understand the value of materiality analysis and how to use it to structure their CSR strategy and ultimately create a positive impact.

The Fairwork Project

Since 2021, the Positive Impact Chair has been the French partner of Fairwork, an international research and action project initiated and led by the University of Oxford. Fairwork aims to establish a national ranking of digital platforms offering the best working conditions.

Each year, a ranking is published based on five criteria related to pay, working conditions, contract, management and collective representation.

With the students from the Mastère Spécialisé ® "Actor for the Energy Transition", the Positive Impact Chair has produced a ranking of various digital platforms in France. For the first report, 6 platforms were studied on their proposed working conditions: Deliveroo, Just Eat, Les Coursiers Nantais, Naofood, Stuart & Uber Eats.

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KPMG's Commitment

CSR Best Practice Guide

Discover KPMG's best practices in social and environmental activities that have a positive impact on society.

This collection is the result of a partnership between KPMG and the Positive Impact Chair.

Sustainable transformation of your business model

Be inspired by 7 companies committed to making a positive impact

Faced with social and environmental urgency, companies must transform their business models and governance to improve the impact of their activities on all stakeholders.

To understand how this sustainable transformation is taking place, Audencia's Positive Impact Chair* conducted a qualitative study based on 7 companies committed to Positive Impact (ARMOR, Camif, Groupe Eram, La Florentaise, Interface, InVivo Group, Posson Packaging).

The study conducted by the Chair aims to inspire those involved in sustainable transformation in companies, whether they are managers, employees or consultants, or even teachers, students or policy makers. It highlights the diversity of approaches in the case studies and identifies key levers and success factors.

*A study conducted by Audencia's Positive Impact Chair in partnership with Jean-Pierre Lamboley, NAO Consulting.

Impact Studies of the #NegoTraining System


#NégoTraining, was born as a result of a working group on gender equality in the workplace led by the CSR platform of the Nantes conurbation in 2016-2017. The program, which is free of charge, aims to raise women's awareness of salary negotiations and provide them with the keys to successful negotiation.

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Impact Study no. 3

What is the impact of the program on female participants? What is the average amount of raises and/or bonuses received by women who have completed #NégoTraining? How do they feel treated in their company?

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Did you know?

  • Did you know #12

Is the sustainable food game won at home or on the road? The Positive Impact Chair, in partnership with Sodexo, has launched a large-scale, never-before-conducted study on the eating habits of corporate caterers.

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  • Did you know #11

"Do you have children?" is a question that 60% of women are asked in job interviews. The team of Positive Impact Chairs and its main sponsor, KPMG, were curious to know what companies were doing to promote gender equality in the workplace, as gender inequality is still too prevalent in companies.

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  • Did you know #10

In the workplace, the French negotiate little, French women even less... In September 2017, the Presidency launched an innovative and groundbreaking initiative: #NégoTraining. This is coaching for women only, in the form of free 3-hour workshops led by a couple, to provide the keys to successful salary negotiations. In parallel with this initiative, the Chair's team wanted to question the relationship to negotiation in France, particularly through the prism of gender.

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Portraits of executives committed to CSR

Couverture Cahier RSE 8

The Chair has supported the Cercle du Leadership in carrying out a study on societal commitment & governance: a theme that follows on from a working group initiated by the Cercle.

The study has also led to the production of an 8th CSR workbook, aimed at managers and employees who want to engage their companies in an increasingly effective CSR approach. Click here to read it.

Observatory on CSR Support Needs of SMEs

The Positive Impact Chair has launched its CSR Support Needs Observatory. In partnership with the BVA Institute, it surveys a sample of 400 business leaders every two years.

The survey focuses on managers' perceptions, CSR practices and support needs.

Responsible Branding Study

The Positive Impact Chair conducted a quantitative survey of consumers, asking them about their perceptions of responsible consumption.

Today, only a minority of consumers consider CSR to be a determining factor in their purchases, even on an exceptional basis. However, more than 6 out of 10 consumers surveyed would like to be able to take it into account!

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Transnational Study of Political Consumption

couverture rapport étude alimentation durable 2018

In this study, we examine boycotting and buycotting as distinct activities and then explore how people get involved. In particular, we examine online and offline incentives to participate in boycotts. Finally, the study explores the different ways in which social networks can be used as part of boycott campaigns.

Eating in the catering industry: giving meaning through sustainable food?

As part of its partnership with Sodexo, a giant in quality of life services, the Positive Impact Chair conducted a study on sustainable food in three of the company's restaurants in the Nantes region.

Through this study, Sodexo aims to measure the level of awareness of its responsible commitments and how they are perceived by its customers and end consumers, in order to better adapt its communication for greater effectiveness and transparency.

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