The Chair regularly organizes events to present its work and receive feedback from various stakeholders.

Women & Responsible Leadership: Diversity as an Accelerator for Impact Transformation

As part of its work on gender equality in the workplace, the Positive Impact Chair seeks to explore the link between responsible leadership and the place of women in the economy. How does gender diversity in decision-making promote the transition to a more responsible economic model?


  • Marie-Agnès Chesneau-Langevin, Deputy Managing Director, Caisse régionale Crédit Agricole Atlantique - Vendée
  • Laurence Poirier-Dietz, Managing Director, GRDF
  • Isabelle Saviane, Human Resources Director, Groupe Eram
  • Animation : Gaëlle Bouffard

"En Toute Transparence", a Committed Podcast

The Positive Impact Chair was honored to host the "En Toute Transparence" podcast at Mediacampus in September, presenting best practices in responsible marketing. For this first episode of season 2, David Garbous* welcomed Gérald Saada, Marketing, R&D, CSR and New Channels Director at Sodiaal, and Freddy Caric, dairy producer at Candia, to present the "Candia helps young farmers" initiative.

"En Toute Transparence" is a podcast series imagined and hosted by David Garbous, founder of the Réussir avec un Marketing Responsable network, of which the Impact Positif chair is an academic partner, with the support of Ademe.

*Founder of the Réussir avec un Marketing Responsable network

For better working conditions by bike!

Discover the 1st French ranking of bicycle delivery platforms, produced by the Positive Impact Chair as part of the Fairwork project.
Fairwork is an international action research program, centralized at the University of Oxford, which aims to create national rankings of digital platforms offering the best working conditions.

In the presence of:

  • André Sobczak, Co-Holder of the Positive Impact Chair
  • Thibaut Guiné, Nantes City and Metropolitan Councilor, City of the ¼ Hour, Logistics, Nantes Métropole
  • Adrien Claude, Coodinator, Coopcycle
    Animation: Florence Touzé

Women & Responsible Leadership: Female Entrepreneurship

Professional equality between women and men is more relevant than ever. The Positive Impact Chair and Audencia's Executive Education have teamed up to organize a series of roundtable discussions on "Women and Responsible Leadership". "Entreprendre au féminin" was the theme of this second edition.

With the presence of:

  • Nicole Gourmelon, Managing Director, Crédit Agricole Atlantique-Vendée
  • Sophie Clémence, Founder & President, Boite à Clem / Revenue & Product Manager, DB Schenker
  • Anne Mion, Managing Director, Optitop Sarl / Branch Manager, Adecco Machecoul & Saint-Philbert-de-Grand-Lieu
  • Anne Villate, Executive MBA Recruitment Manager, Audencia
  • André Sobczak, Co-Holder of the Positive Impact Chair, Audencia
  • Moderator: Magali Grollier

Women & Leadership: Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Professional equality between women and men is more relevant than ever. The Positive Impact Chair and Audencia's Executive Education have joined forces to organize a series of "Women and Responsible Leadership" roundtable discussions. "Breaking the Glass Ceiling" was the theme of this first edition.

In the presence of:

  • Audrey Cour, Partner at KPMG France
  • Anne Villate, Head of ExecutiveMBA Recruitment at AudenciaSabine Catherinot, Consultant Manager/Expert Strategy at Data ASI®
  • Sophie Javelaud, former Deputy Managing Director of Ressources Mutuelle Assistance
  • André Sobczak, Co-Holder of the Positive Impact Chair, Audencia
  • Moderator: Cécile Lefort

Social Change 2021

Case study "Ethical and Responsible Fashion, Transforming Models".

Responsible fashion and responsible consumption, which only emerged a decade ago, are now clearly on the agenda. The Positive Impact Chair has studied these changes

Awareness-raising module "CSR from business creation, responsible and profitable!"

Piloted by Audencia's Positive Impact Chair, the Entrepreneurship: responsible & profitable module, developed by the Nantes Conurbation CSR Platform and Les Sup'Porteurs de la création 44, is aimed at business founders to raise awareness of CSR in their project.

Commerce & Sustainability: the new dess(e)ins of the territory

The seminar "Commerce & Durabilité: des nouveaux dess(e)ins du territoire", organized jointly by the Ladyss Laboratory and the Institut pour la Ville et le Commerce, in partnership with Audencia's Chaire Impact Positif and the Chaire Réalités - Faire Vivre l'intelligence des territoires, brought together local actors, everyday people, academic experts, urban planners and geographers.

Florence Touzé (Audencia) co-hosted the 1st round table with & Pascal Madry (Institut pour la Ville & le Commerce) on the topic: Circular economy - How is the integration of the circular economy changing the forms and functions of commerce?

In the presence of:

  • Isabelle Desfontaines, CSR and Communication Project Director, Groupe Eram
  • Christian Du Tertre, Scientific Director of Atemis, Economist, University Professor.

Implicative Marketing: A Different Way to Think, Practice and Teach Marketing

The words "marketing" or "communication" are often associated with the idea of "over-consumption", "mass consumption" and futility. In fact, these two terms sometimes provoke epidermal reactions in the "consum'actors" we've become, concerned about our ecological and social impact in particular. In recent years, however, marketing and communications have undergone a transformation, taking into account environmental, social and societal issues. This is what we call implicit marketing. But how do we really define it? Are marketing and impact mutually exclusive? A look back at the Implicative Marketing webinar A different way of thinking, teaching and practicing marketing* proposed by the Positive Impact Chair

With :

  • Florence Touzé, Co-Holder of the Impact Positif Chair at Audencia, author of the book "Marketing, les illusions perdues" (Ed° La Mer Salée)
  • Alexandra Gibou (Promo SC 2013), Project Manager Second Hand | Groupe Eram
  • Sylvie Chancelier, Audencia SciencesCom Program Director | Audencia
  • Moderator: Brigitte Neveu-Dérotrie (Promo PGE 1985), Founder | Yélen Communication

Sustainable Transformation: Lessons from 7 companies committed to making a positive impact

Changing the business model: not even afraid!

How are companies embarking on a process of transformation towards a more sustainable business model? Some companies are leading the way: reformulating their raison d'être, adjusting their strategy and offering, and overhauling their governance.

Relive the webinar where Audencia's Positive Impact Chair presents the results of a groundbreaking qualitative study of 7 companies committed to positive impact.

With :

  • Chloé Chupin, Industrial Director, La Florentaise
  • Rachel Kolbe, CSR Director, InVivo Group and Director of InVivo Fondation
  • André Sobczak, Co-Holder of Audencia's Positive Impact Chair
  • Jean-Pierre Lamboley, Consultant, Nao Consulting
  • Moderator: Ameline Bordas, Studies & Research Project Manager, Audencia