Positive Impact Chair

Objectives and Missions



The Chair of Positive Impact will co-construct useful research to accelerate the transformation of business models to support the definition and implementation of a CSR approach.

It is particularly interested in the contribution of all stakeholders in making sustainable development issues a lever for innovation and performance at the heart of strategy.


The Positive Impact Chair conducts studies, organizes seminars or training courses, and develops operational tools to help companies continuously improve their approach to CSR, in particular by facilitating exchanges with other stakeholders.


The Positive Impact Chair disseminates the results of its work, organizes events and contributes to public debate to highlight innovative CSR practices and encourage all economic stakeholders to draw inspiration from them.


Integrating CSR into the core of business models and strategy

The Positive Impact Chair explores how social and environmental issues can be levers for transforming business models and corporate strategies. Through case studies, it analyzes the emergence of the use economy and the regenerative enterprise, and is committed to social equity. In addition, the team of the Positive Impact Chair works on the cooperation between companies, institutional actors & associations.

Managing and piloting a CSR approach

The Positive Impact Chair analyzes how companies engage their stakeholders in a CSR acceleration process.

Our latest work:

  • Study: sustainably transforming one's business model
  • Study: better understanding the quest for meaning at work
  • Observatory of CSR indicators in Pays de la Loire
  • Barometer of professional gender equality
  • Matrices of materiality...

Communicating CSR

The Positive Impact Chair explores how audiences perceive, understand and engage with corporate and brand responsibility. It diagnoses stakeholder engagement and identifies their levers of engagement.

She questions the ways in which responsibility is expressed and the phenomena of greenwashing and greenhushing. Responsible communication is at the heart of her work.