Research with impact

La recherche produite à Audencia vise à mettre en œuvre différentes formes d'impact : scientifique, pédagogique et sur les entreprises et la société.

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Our research aims to have different forms of impact:

  • Scientific impact, which is normally linked to peer-reviewed scientific publications.
  • The educational impact of our research, through research that can contribute to the publication of books and case studies.
  • A direct impact on business and society through reports on chair activities, board positions and reports for policymakers and organizations, research articles for specialist journals or scientific papers addressing practical issues, specialist and generalist articles in traditional or social media, etc.
  • All these elements can also be stimulated and reinforced by scientific or non-scientific events and conferences organized by the school. Our research centers are also essential for stimulating dialogue on hybrid issues linked to the social or environmental transition.
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Helping companies transform

with Gaïa, Audencia’s school of ecological and social transition

  • Executive Education: 500 employees with access to Gaïa e-learning courses
  • Customized supports programs: 165 managers, executives, and boarb members trained
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