Health and well-being

Well-being @Audencia is a comprehensive service designed to help you succeed in your personal, academic and professional life.
The entire program is based on caring values. It is completely confidential.

Book appointments with healthcare professionals

Doctor and patient during a consultation

Partnership between Audencia and SUMPPS

Medical appointments are offered as part of a partnership between Audencia and the University Health Service SUMPPS (Service Universitaire de Médecine Préventive et de Promotion de la Santé) 

An appointment is mandatory in the first year. The University Health Service has a multidisciplinary team of professionals: general practitioners and specialists, psychologists and nurses.

Emergency or appointment consultations are available without advance payment upon presentation of your health card or social security card.

Talk to a dedicated nurse on your campus

Doctor and patient during a consultation

Office hours

A nurse is on duty several hours a day, directly on the Audencia campus.

They are available to provide first aid and refer you to outside specialists when necessary.

Benefit from a 24/7 listening and support platform

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Psychologists and counselors

Bilingual psychologists are available at any time of the day or week to listen and address your concerns.

Talk to counselors who are ready to support you

As part of the school staff, these counselors can also intervene and support students who request it. Professionally trained, they are here to listen and support you through various issues you may be facing, whether they are academic, logistical, personal, or financial.

Attend lifestyle education and counseling sessions

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An important goal: freedom of speech

Diet, physical activity, addiction, deconstruction of gender stereotypes, budget management, relaxation, sexuality. There is no taboo at Audencia.
One of our main goals is to develop freedom of expression in order to improve the well-being of our students, whatever their profile.

Learn more about student health insurance

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Students are covered by the French General Health Care Scheme (Régime Général). If they are already affiliated with it, no further action is required.
This coverage covers an amount defined by a fixed scale, depending on the healthcare professional concerned.
For example, the General Scheme reimburses €17.50 for a consultation with a family doctor, €7.50 for a consultation with a doctor other than your family doctor, and up to €9.68 for nursing care.

The remainder may be covered by a supplementary health insurance plan, if the student has subscribed to one. A "mutuelle santé" is an organization that covers health care costs up to a ceiling higher than that of the general system, usually 100% or 150% of the average amounts set by the general system. It is not compulsory for students to take out additional health insurance, but special mutuals for young people offer very affordable rates and higher reimbursements.