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Audencia relies on a faculty of over 150 permanent educator-researchers, half of whom come from over 30 countries. This faculty is reinforced by an affiliated international faculty, composed of international researchers recognized in their field, as well as by visiting educator-researchers who are hosted for stays ranging from one to twelve months to develop pedagogical projects and research with Audencia's teacher-researchers.

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An impact on the world

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Impacting academia, students, business, and society

Audencia faculty members mobilize to develop teaching and research projects that have an impact on academia, students, business and society.

The results of their research are disseminated in the best international academic journals and conferences to advance theoretical debates.

They are integrated into the teaching of the school's various programs to create innovative and responsible value creators, capable of understanding the changes in the world and encouraging them to turn them into opportunities.

Through their many interactions with business stakeholders, particularly through their chairs, faculty members identify innovative practices and business concerns that inspire their research. They regularly appear in the business and professional media, where they can influence the practices of executives and managers as well as other stakeholders in society.

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Fostering innovation and interdisciplinarity in research and teaching

Accompanying the development of skills, fulfillment and performance of each faculty member is a strategic priority for Audencia. "Research Thursdays" are organized every month to encourage sharing and innovation.

To respond to complex issues, educator-researchers are encouraged to develop cross-disciplinary projects that mobilize expertise from the various disciplines of management, but also from engineering, information and communication sciences, urban planning, or law.

This cross-disciplinarity is facilitated by the structural alliance between Centrale Nantes, Audencia and the École nationale supérieure de l'architecture de Nantes, whose teams are working together on topics such as the city of tomorrow, the factory of the future or the management of large volumes of data.

Promoting professional equality

Initiator and pilot of the #NégoTraining initiative, a freely available program to train women in salary negotiation, Audencia's academic management is strongly committed to professional equality between the men and women who make up its faculty.

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