Organization Studies and Ethics

We are facing unprecedented major challenges that threaten our world at the societal and environmental levels. These global, interconnected and systemic problems are not a matter for the future, but must be urgently addressed through individual and collective efforts. This requires solidarity, new forms of organization, collaboration, new ways of working, and responsible leaders who dare to engage and act for the common good.


The Department of Organization Studies and Ethics aims to contribute to these challenges by addressing these issues at multiple levels and considering how these issues are interrelated and interact with each other. Our department brings together a broad group of scholars specializing in different disciplines and working on different topics.
We seek to understand current developments in order to build a desirable and sustainable future that creates value for individuals, organizations and society. We believe that change happens at all three levels, and we strive to influence positive change. It can be extraordinary and innovative, as well as ordinary and traditional.

Professor talking to a group of students

We conduct  research that is committed and has impact at individual (employee, leader, manager), organizational (start-up, large corporations and SME) and inter-organizational (network, supply chains, ecosystem, stakeholder) levels that improve knowledge and lead to practical recommendations.

We take real-world issues as the starting point for our empirical research, and we often, but not exclusively, practice theory development based on qualitative material. We seek to transfer our knowledge and research findings to pedagogy at the undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate levels, as well as to executive education programs.

An interdisciplinary perspective

The research we conduct and the courses we offer encompass the following interrelated areas of expertise with an interdisciplinary perspective:

  • Accountability and Ethics

  • Organizational Studies

  • Organizational Behavior

As centers of excellence in teaching and research, they bring together diverse disciplines and schools of thought. What's more, these clusters have a well-established presence and strong experience within Audencia, having been developed within the school.

Through responsible and inclusive management education, strong collaboration with industry partners, and interdisciplinary research that enables us to understand the complexity of issues, we believe that our Department of Organization Studies and Ethics  contributes to the creation of a sustainable, livable world in which everyone has a place.