Our strategic plan ECOS 2020 - 2025

Named ECOS 2025, in reference to the ancient Greek word for "home, our EARTH", and therefore by extension society as a whole, Audencia's new strategic plan is built around a guiding principle of reinventing performance measurement and 4 main objectives that serve a common goal: to support the virtuous transformation of individuals, organizations and society.

Our vision: a new frontier

Audencia Low Carbon Annual General Meeting

Audencia aims to invent a new business school model - a more responsible model, training and inspiring "citizens of the world",  who decisively share humanistic values and are understand that our destiny is interconnected.

The goal is not to become the best school in the world, but to be a better school for the world, and to be recognized as such nationally and internationally.

Transformative initiatives based on four main objectives

  • Objective 1: The creation of Gaïa, Audencia's School of Ecological and Social Transition
  • Objective 2: Holistic multidisciplinarity
  • Objective 3: Development for greater impact
  • Objective 4: A new organizational alignment

Three strategic challenges

  • Creating and transforming business and development models in line with the ecological and social transition
  • Financing and managing the ecological and social transition
  • Developing human resources for the ecological and social transition
Flagship projects

Since its launch, ECOS 2025 has enabled Audencia to propose several flagship projects:

  • The launch of numerous programs in France and abroad, some of them in partnership with leading institutions in the field
  • The opening of 2 new Audencia campuses: in São Paulo, Brazil, and Saint-Ouen, near Paris, for increased outreach
  • The first graduating class of Gaïa, accompanying the opening of the first school dedicated to ecological and social transition, attached to a business school
  • Partnership with The Shift Project, resulting in the publication of a joint report on integrating environmental issues into management training
  • Publication of research with local/regional/national/international impact

A collective effort that continues to serve the School's various internal and external stakeholders with ever greater impact!

ECOS 2025 key figures

teacher-researchers (134 in 2020)
students (6,500 in 2020)
new campuses (Paris & São Paulo)

A unique "Daring Together" system

Présentation plan stratégique

ECOS 2025 is the result of a collective approach. Students, graduates, teacher-researchers, employees and partners, thanks to the support of the CCI of Nantes, were able to contribute throughout the year to the construction of a "new frontier".  In total, 200 people from the Audencia community were mobilized through various workshops, intrapreneurial projects and an ideas box that will continue to be used.

The objectives:

  • Question the certainties of the School
  • Search for new and innovative opportunities
  • Reinvent ourselves and place the School's horizon at the intersection of humanities and responsibility