The Sports Department is in charge of all the sessions for the practice of physical and sports activities on various sites: gym (team sports, dual activities...), cardio fitness area (bikes, rowing machines, treadmills...), fitness room (dance, step, boxing and more), weight room, outdoor team sports fields, physical preparation in natural sites, outdoor activities (mountain biking, Run & Bike, CO).


A student working in a group

The underlying goals of the athletic department are hierarchical and multiple:

  • Reorganization of a sometimes distant sports practice
  • Strengthening habits for managing your physical condition (improving physical fitness, healthy lifestyle)
  • Enable the discovery and development of physical and athletic activities and set the goal of surpassing oneself
  • Fighting stress
  • Principles of leadership and managing a small group in autonomy, gaining self-confidence
  • Achieve a certain number of specific skills


Teaching concepts

A runner at the Audencia La Baule Triathlon

Choices and guidelines for assessing "knowing how to be and how to do" in sports/physical education through 4 elements:

  • Investing in oneself: mobilizing one's own resources and commitment, productive participation, perseverance, surpassing oneself

  • Investment in the group: working in a group gives access to a collective project methodology, taking responsibility, opening up to others, positioning within the group, regularizing and correcting actions to be carried out

  • Getting to know oneself: adaptation, evolution

  • Level of performance