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SciencesCom - School of Communication and Media

Audencia SciencesCom, School of Communication and Media and Audencia offer a wide range of educational programs for all professions within the sector.

Audencia SciencesCom, the School of Communication and Media

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Audencia SciencesCom, Audencia's School of Communication and Media, has been combining academic excellence and professional operationality for nearly 40 years to prepare students for exciting and demanding professions.

The professional integration and career development of our graduates demonstrates the alignment between our teaching and the expectations of the communication and media job market. The recognition of our diploma at the highest academic level attests to the quality of our permanent teaching staff, professional experts, and innovative teaching methods. The program values openness, both in the diverse range of profiles it integrates and in the variety of partner organizations involved, as well as the hybridization of skills.

Joining Audencia SciencesCom means joining Audencia, a nationally and internationally recognized institution for its quality teaching and support for students. It also means gaining access to Mediacampus, a space for learning, experimentation, creation, and reflection.

Academic excellence at the heart of our programs

Audencia SciencesCom combines academic excellence with practical preparation to equip you for exciting and demanding professions. Our graduate diploma in communication and media is certified at the Master's level by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research (MESR).

In 2020, Audencia SciencesCom renewed its certification for a maximum of 5 years. This label, awarded by the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, makes the school the only private higher education institution specializing in communication and media to offer a certified master's degree, ensuring quality and academic excellence.

Mediacampus: a unique place


The Mediacampus, located in Nantes, is an excellent hub for communication, journalism, and media professions. It is a vibrant community that fosters collaboration between students, professionals, and companies. With state-of-the-art infrastructure and innovative resources, it provides a conducive environment for learning and creativity, helping to prepare future media and communications professionals.

A unique campus in the heart of the creative district on the Île de Nantes, the Mediacampus embodies the communications and media ecosystem. It houses a school, agencies, start-ups, professional associations, and media outlets, fostering exchange and experimentation. The campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including a TV and radio studio.

SciencesCom: a Rich and Dynamic History

Projet entrepreneurial

Founded in 1986, SciencesCom has become a significant player in the communications industry. Initially, it provided training for advertising and public relations. Over the years, SciencesCom has adapted to changes in the sector and expanded its program to include digital, marketing, media, and more.

In 2009, SciencesCom joined the Audencia group, strengthening its expertise and international reach. This alliance has enabled SciencesCom to benefit from increased resources, a broader reputation, and strategic partnerships, while maintaining its own identity and academic excellence.

SciencesCom has established itself as an excellent institution, emphasizing educational innovation, research, internationalization, and corporate social responsibility. Our goal is to train skilled and agile professionals in the constantly evolving field of communications.