Always faithful to its values and its historical focus on CSR, Audencia has been implementing an inclusive policy for several years, allowing any young person with a disability to participate in its courses, to develop their potential to the full and to fulfill themselves in the career path of their choice. Audencia makes singularity a strength that it accompanies for the benefit of your fulfillment and success. An inclusive policy for students with disabilities has been in place on our campuses for several years.

Co-constructed support

Conference on disability

This support, designed with local and national stakeholders, can include:

  • Your integration within Audencia (accessibility of our campuses, adaptation of entrance exams, recognition of disabilities)
  • Your education (adaptation of courses and exams, scholarships, semester abroad, interface with your teachers)
  • Your student life (social, cultural, sports)
  • Your daily life (adapted housing, home help, support for autonomy)
  • Your professional integration (customized career advice: internship, employability)

Flexible support

Student in wheelchair

This support can be tailored to your needs.

A disability can be temporary or lifelong. It can be acquired at birth, but it can also develop throughout your life and education. That's why you can talk to your disability counselor at any time.