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Research at Audencia

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Research at Audencia aims to generate knowledge that advances science with impact and relevance for its stakeholders: students, companies and society (educational and real impact).

Our strategic focus is on responsibility and the social and ecological transition.

Our goals

We encourage our educator-researchers to:

  • Publish across all scientific disciplines
  • Submit to high-impact journals and publish books or case studies
  • Engage in the production of interdisciplinary/hybrid collaborative research needed to address complex business and societal issues
  • Establish partnerships with society and business and collaborate in professorships, research centers, and EU and other publicly funded projects to address issues relevant to their stakeholders.

Resources deployed

All of our teachers have access to training, support, and an evaluation and incentive system.

We provide them with:

  • Training through a series of monthly departmental research seminars with external guests, brown bag seminars, and semi-annual interdepartmental hybrid research seminars; a series of organized events and/or support for participation in larger events; in addition, we offer research workshops and training in research methods and skills, etc.
  • Additional support through writing retreats; mentoring from affiliated professors; personalized annual research budget; dedicated grant proposal coordinator and project management support; annual competitive internal funding call; dedicated research weeks; validation of project ethical standards by our ethics committee; etc.

The organization

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The Vice Dean for Research is a member of the School's Board of Directors and reports to the Dean of the School. The role of the Vice Dean for Research is to manage the research budget, develop research and coordinate graduate education, evaluate and support researchers and all related scholarly activities.

The Vice Dean for Research is assisted by the Research Office staff for administrative matters, by the Research Committee for academic matters, by the Scientific Council for strategic matters, and by the Ethics Committee for ethical matters.

The Research Committee comprises:

  • Research Directors, one for each academic division. Their role is to coordinate and direct the research activities of each academic department.
  • The Head of CARES, who coordinates seminars and workshops of cross-disciplinary responsibility
  • The Head of research partnerships with academic institutions and associations
  • The Chair of the Ethics Committee

The scientific council
This Council will be reconstituted in 2024.

It consists of 4 (or more) distinguished external professors who advise the Vice Dean for Research on strategic issues. They meet twice a year, including once online to reduce the ecological footprint.

Audencia - Joanna Das

Joanna Das

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Joy Vavasseur

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Gilliane Rachid


Managerial Innovations Chair Newsletter #5

Research productivity per researcher has increased by 76% over the past five years, while research income per researcher is 117% higher than five years ago.

Over the past three years (2020-2022), faculty have produced more than 530 scholarly outputs, including 418 articles and 112 books and case studies.

Here are just a few examples of the journals in which our faculty have published: Management Science, Organization Science, Research Policy, Public Administration Review, Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal, Journal of Business Venturing, Journal of Financial Economics, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Management Studies, Communication Theory, Tourism Management, British Journal of Management, Entrepreneurship: Theory and Practice, European Journal of Operational Research, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, Review of Accounting Studies, etc.

Open archives

Audencia - Logo - Hal open science

Audencia Business School has a personalized portal in the open archiving platform 'HAL', managed by the Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique. Audencia encourages the self-archiving of academic studies by its faculty members (see the self-archiving charter).

This system allows the rapid and open dissemination of studies, improves the visibility of researchers, and centralizes and controls Audencia's scientific research production.

To date, we have 1757 bibliographic references with 560 full-text articles that have been consulted more than 301,000 times and downloaded more than 544,000 times in terms of visibility on our HAL portal.