Social Finance Research

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Social finance research is broadly defined as the link between finance and policies related to sustainable and inclusive development.

This link includes (but is not limited to) the role of finance in:

  • economic, social and gender inequalities,
  • environmental policy; socio-economically optimal monetary and fiscal policy,
  • socio-economically optimal regulatory policy, and corporate social responsibility.

The main mission of the project is to disseminate the results of academic research to academics, policy makers and students.

The 3 development themes

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The means to accomplish this mission are the development of expertise, networks, and capabilities. Three developments point in this direction.

First, the inclusion of the CEPR Endless Summer Conference on Financial Intermediation and Corporate Finance (this year we are organizing the 5th edition) under the auspices of the project as a joint task with other universities and research organizations in Europe.

Second, the development of a Ph.D. course in research methods in finance, to be taught by Professor Delis, as part of an effort to provide students with up-to-date tools for making causal claims.

Third, the inclusion of all new social finance datasets generated by our research in an Audencia platform (website) that will be freely accessible to the academic community. In the first year of operation, the data will include global firm-level indices of intra-firm inequality, inter-firm inequality, profit transfer, and banking information asymmetries.