MSc FAM Students in Brazil

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MSc FAM Students in Brazil

Audencia MSc Students Semester in Brazil, FECAP

Hear from our students in Brazil about their experiences with Audencia's MSc in Food & Agribusiness Management program!

1-Year MSc & MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management
2-Year MSc & MBA in Food and Agribusiness Management

Semester in Brazil for Audencia MSc FAM students

Semester in Brazil for Audencia MSc FAM students
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After six months of rigorous study at Audencia in Nantes, students from the MSc Food and Agribusiness Management (FAM) program have embarked on an exciting two-month educational journey in Brazil, starting March 25. This initiative, part of a collaboration with FECAP, one of Brazil’s renowned academic institutions, offers students an immersive learning experience in one of the world’s most vibrant agri-food markets.

The program includes five intensive 24-hour courses, meticulously designed and delivered by FECAP. However, the learning extends beyond the classroom through various field trips to major agri-food companies and research centers. Students have already visited MWM, Embrapa, Smart Market Abras, and Cargill Food Solutions, with additional trips planned to Coopercitrus, Agrishow, Corteva, Holambra, and Santos Harbour.

"Brazil shows enormous potential in agri-food production and marketing," the program coordinator noted, highlighting the importance of such hands-on learning experiences. "This exposure is crucial for our students as it allows them to meet industry experts, discover ongoing projects, and critically form their own perspectives on Brazilian agribusiness."

The students themselves have expressed excitement and satisfaction with their experiences. Etieno Essien described the learning experience as "wonderful," and Nobuaki Ota noted the significant amount of new knowledge gained. Frank Hagan-Brown, another student from the 2023-24 class, shared his personal reflections, "I am really enjoying Brazil! The pace of life here is different from France, but I like it. I love how cosmopolitan Sao Paulo is; the lecturers and professors are super interesting; and the Brazilian economy is very underrated in my opinion."

This international module is not only about gaining knowledge but also about fostering international ties. "There is a lot going on here and hopefully we can continue to build stronger links between Brazil, France, and our respective parts of the world," added Hagan-Brown.

As the program progresses, students are expected to delve deeper into the complexities of the agri-food sector and make more informed decisions that could shape their careers in agribusiness. With such enriching experiences, Audencia continues its commitment to global education and hands-on learning.

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Webinar - Discover the Diverse MSc Programs of Audencia

Join us for an online webinar hosted by Audencia Business School and explore the wide range of Master of Science (MSc) programs available!

Meet with Adrien Bernard, the Admissions Manager at Audencia, and Olga Kapitskaia, Director of MSc Programs, on Wednesday, April 24 at 2pm (CEST). Get detailed insights into our 20 Master of Science programs in various areas including finance, management, marketing and more.

This webinar is designed for prospective students looking to advance their careers with a specialized Master's degree from a globally recognized business school. Learn everything you need to know about eligibility, how to apply, and get all your questions answered!

Why Audencia?
Audencia Business School stands out by its commitment to excellence in teaching, innovative research and strong corporate partnerships. Ranked among Europe's top business schools, Audencia is known for its dual focus on academic rigor and practical application, preparing students to meet the challenges of today's dynamic business environment.

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Inauguration of the Francophonie month organized by the French Embassy in China

Inauguration of the Francophonie month organized by the French Embassy in China
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To mark Francophonie Month, the French Embassy in China is organizing a number of events to promote the French language and culture.

On March 9, an event on the theme "Francophonie in Olympic form" was held in Guangzhou.

This is a unique example of Franco-Chinese cooperation in the region.

Shenzhen Audencia Financial Technology Institute accepted the invitation, with Valérie Claude-Gaudillat, Olga Ivanova-Ruffo and Li Lyu in attendance.

It was an opportunity to testify to Audencia's commitment to China and, in the year of the Paris Olympics, to visit the photo exhibition devoted to Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and to watch a demonstration of breakdance, the new Olympic discipline.

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Samir A.

International Pedagogy Program
Winter 2024 participant from Peru
Samir A.

A thoroughly enriching and rewarding experience!

Participating in the Winter Programme was a thoroughly enriching and rewarding experience for me. The program seamlessly blended academic rigor with a multicultural and entertaining environment. Through the well-structured curriculum, I delved into the realms of International Finance, Psychology of Money & Consumer Behavior, and European Politics & Business, significantly expanding my knowledge in these key areas.

Beyond the academic aspect, what truly set this program apart was the immersive personal and cultural experience it provided. Engaging with diverse perspectives and connecting with people from various backgrounds enriched my understanding not only academically but also on a broader, global scale.

Upon successfully completing the program and being awarded a certificate of attendance with commendable grades, I felt a sense of accomplishment, particularly in overcoming the academic challenges associated with studying abroad. The program not only broadened my academic horizons but also equipped me with valuable skills and insights that I will carry forward in my educational and professional journey.

I extend my heartfelt gratitude to Audencia for orchestrating such a well-rounded and impactful program. The faculty's expertise, the program's structure, and the overall supportive environment contributed significantly to my growth. Based on my positive experience, I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone seeking not just academic excellence but also a transformative and culturally immersive learning adventure.



Universidad ESAN, Peru

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