Our Priority CSR Issues

Matrix of Real-World Problems

To define our priority CSR issues, we produced a matrix of real-world issues.

  • Thanks to a benchmarking with other business schools in France and internationally, as well as interviews with different categories of stakeholders, we have identified 36 CSR themes for Audencia, divided into 6 families (teaching, research, environment, social, territory and governance).
  • We invited our stakeholders to rank these 36 issues in order of relative importance. Nearly 800 students, alumni, partners, and employees responded to the questionnaire. In parallel, we worked with the school's management committee to identify which of the same 36 issues had the greatest impact on the school's activities.

5 CSR Priority Issues & Action Plans

These 5 priority CSR issues both being considered as very important by our stakeholders and having a very strong impact on our activities by our management committee.

With the involvement of the various school departments concerned, we then defined 3 quantified objectives and action plans for each of the 5 priority CSR issues.

Real-World Issues Matrix

What is the analysis of real-world issues?

Initially, the idea of "real world issues" came from the world of finance and reporting. Real-world issue analysis aims to prioritize CSR issues by considering two criteria:

  • First, the importance stakeholders attach to each issue,
  • Second, the expected impact of each issue on the company's business and operations.

The analysis of real-world issues feeds and structures the CSR strategy by involving the various stakeholders, while at the same time contributing to the overall performance of the company in all its dimensions.

The real-world issues analysis is a snapshot of a moment in time that clearly identifies the priority CSR issues that the company has set for itself for the next 2-3 years, limiting the risk of getting lost in the shuffle at a time when expectations of companies are multiplying.

Real-world issue analysis is a tool that helps the company to develop its CSR strategy, by involving its various stakeholders, while contributing to its overall performance in all its dimensions.