Qualiopi Certification

On December 13, 2021, Audencia's educational offering was awarded the Qualiopi certification issued by Bureau Veritas until December 2024. This is the new reference for quality certification of educational providers, launched by the French Ministry of Labor in November 2019.

A guarantee of quality

Qualiopi Bureau Veritas certification

Quality certification was awarded in the following categories:

  • Educational actions
  • Actions to validate the experience gained
  • Apprenticeship activities

Based on the Référentiel National Qualité mentioned in article L.6316-3 of the French Labor Code, it aims at "certifying the quality of the processes implemented for actions contributing to the development of skills, and enabling a better readability of the training offer for companies and users". It also provides access to public or mutual funds dedicated to training.

Audencia joins the select club of the first business schools to be recognized by Qualiopi for the quality of their education.

The Qualiopi Certification is a further recognition of the excellence of our educational offer, crowned by Audencia's triple international accreditation. It guarantees that our training meets the expectations of public funding bodies in terms of skills acquisition and employability. Finally, it represents a long-term commitment by the school to the quality and relevance of the training provided to students and companies.

Director Audencia Executive Education

Committed to quality

Audencia - Qualiopi certification

Qualiopi Certification measures the performance of service providers in training and validation programs based on the following 7 quality criteria:

  1. The conditions for informing the public about the services offered, the time required to access them and the results obtained.
  2. The precise identification of the objectives of the services offered and the adaptation of these services to the beneficiary public when designing the services.
  3. The adaptation of the services and the reception, support, follow-up and evaluation procedures put in place to the beneficiaries.
  4. The suitability of the teaching, technical and supervisory resources for the services provided.
  5. Qualification and development of the knowledge and skills of the teams responsible for the implementation of the services.
  6. The involvement and investment of the service provider in his professional environment.
  7. The collection and consideration of reviews and complaints from stakeholders in the provision of services.

Audencia's strengths recognized by auditors

Audencia - Qualiopi certification
  • A continuous and global approach to improvement
  • The dynamics of quality
  • A robust integrated system
  • Good level of resources
  • The strong involvement of the entire team in the participant experience
  • The deepening of communication
  • Traceability and use of a relevant CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool
  • Emphasis on quality of service and transparency of information for learners, companies and partners in terms of professions (profiles, functions, developments, etc.), teaching (indicators of success, satisfaction, course progress, skills, etc.) and individual follow-up of participants, particularly before and during the course.
  • High quality education that meets the needs of learners
  • A special focus on people with disabilities