Nantais et Al, an ephemeral exhibition by Wahyu, full-time MBA student

Nantais et Al, an ephemeral exhibition by Wahyu, full-time MBA student

Since Tuesday, March 1st, the Atlantic Campus' hall has been hosting an ephemeral exhibition proposed by Wahyu, a full-time MBA student. This project was made possible thanks to CVEC and Audencia funding. Wahyu tells us the story of his project in this interview: 

Can you introduce us your exhibition? 

Nantais et al is a photography exhibition where I share my personal story since I arrived in Nantes. Most of these stories are photographic stories that involve people I have met so far. For example, there is a complete group photo of myself and my friends from the full-time MBA. I see them almost every day at school, outside of school, but mind you, it was never easy to get them all in the same place at the same time for many reasons, even in class. But they all agreed to get together on a particular day to take a group photo that would allow us, and me in particular, to remember in the future that "hey, we were part of each other's story."

How did the CVEC's call for projects allow you to help in the realization of this project? 

The call for projects from CVEC and Audencia was a great help in making this project a reality. Obtaining the necessary budget made it possible to realize a photographic exhibition worthy of the name, as one sees in museums or art galleries. A proper print on art paper and appropriate frames.

Until when can we find your exhibition? 

It will continue until March 17, 2022, when our school's Intercultural Day will take place. I will have a talk on March 3 at noon, more info on your Tomorrow platform, so make sure you all come to the Atlantic Campus! 

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