Welcoming the Brazilian academic partner of the MSc in Food and Agribusiness Management

Welcoming the Brazilian academic partner of the MSc in Food and Agribusiness Management

On Monday, February 12th, we had the privilege of welcoming the Brazilian academic partner of the MSc in Food and Agribusiness Management. For the next 15 days, Professor José Luiz Tejon will be teaching the MSc FAM students at the Audencia campus in Nantes. 

Bem-vindo a Audencia Business School Prof. Tejon!

The coming weeks will be full of excursions, class visits and so much valuable knowledge to be acquired under the guidance of Pr. Tejon. As part of the course, the MSc FAM students will visit Olmix, where they will learn how the company transforms algae resources into probiotics for animal feed.

The class is also hosting a visit from Mr. Tilmann Stumpp, Team Lead Crop Analysts EMEA at Cargill, who explained the challenges of the EU agribusiness in the classroom, sharing his expertise and knowledge with the students. 

Concluding Pr. Tejon's visit and classroom training, the group will visit the Salon International de l'Agriculture. A good way to better understand the EU agri-food market and compare it with the Brazilian one.

José Luiz Tejon Megido is a Brazilian publicist, journalist, international lecturer and is considered one of Brazil's leading authorities on agribusiness marketing, sales management, leadership, motivation and human performance. Tejon is a member of the Brazilian Marketing Academy (Abramark) and the Scientific Council for Sustainable Agriculture (CCAS). He holds a Doctorate and Master's degree in Business Administration from the University of São Paulo. He is the author and co-author of more than 35 books, the last two of which are "O Poder do Incômodo", Editora Gente (2021) and "Agroconsciente, a revolução criativa tropical", Editora Novo Século (2023). He is guest academic coordinator at the Instituto de Ensino e Pesquisa (Insper) and FIA/USP.

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