Research Programs

Faculty members participate in various multidisciplinary research projects funded by stakeholders such as the European Union, French national and regional research agencies, and private organizations.

Research Program

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Corporate Vulnerability Management

The goal of the Corporate Vulnerability Management research program is to comprehend, analyze, and prevent financial vulnerability situations. 
The Corporate Vulnerability Management  research program regularly participates in events and produces various publications, including the Guide des aidantes, a collaborative work on the situation of caregivers in France.


Research Contracts

Com'Factory 2022

Audencia has established a specialized team to assist faculty members throughout all stages of their research endeavors. This team offers valuable assistance in applying for funding and project calls, as well as managing research projects.

Center for Energy Transition and Sustainable Development

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The Center for Energy Transition and Sustainability aims to promote empirical research in the fields of management, finance, politics and energy sustainability. Additionally, it is committed to training tomorrow's leaders in the energy sector through continuing education programs.

Social Finance Research Project

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Social finance research broadly links finance and policies related to sustainable and inclusive development.