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28 January 2019
  • Azevedo Guilherme. The Imaginary Empire: Portugal between two globalizations. Cambridge University Press (2018). 

The Imaginary Empire: Portugal between two globalizations is a cultural interpretation of Portuguese national identity and based on anthropology, history, geography and literary studies. Written by Guilherme Azevedo, PhD, and associate professor at Audencia since 2014, where he is deputy head of the Consulting Major, this book provides a comprehensive introduction to Portuguese studies which will appeal to both students and seasoned researchers alike.

Sophie teaches yoga to children in Singapore from her “So Yoga” studio, with the aim of bringing pleasure, happiness, peace and relaxation to children through the medium of yoga. Sophie is also behind the launch of “Mini Yogi”, a collection of lovely colourful books, making yoga accessible, simple and fun for little yogis. The Elephant of Wisdom is the first volume in the collection and available for purchase at, with deliveries possible all over the world.

  • Modelling; businesses using hands-on innovation by Nicolas Minvielle, Martin Lauquin and Olivier Wathelet. DiateIno Editions, 2019

Drawing on their own business world experiences, the authors of this book explain how corporate actors can overcome the challenges they face by adopting a veritable hands-on and more efficient approach than that of the written and spoken word. Illustrated with photos and diagrams, this practical guide demonstrates how to boldly and rapidly test ideas, trying them out as opposed to deliberating for too long during the planning phase. Although trusty allies, it is not always necessary to invest in a Fab Lab or hire great “tinkerers” to achieve this! Quite the contrary: the authors’ experience proves that it is more effective to bring the actual decision makers face-to-face with hands-on practice. In enabling them to rediscover the role modelling plays in management and innovation, Maquetter shows them how innovation is literally at their fingertips. Thus, in the manager’s toolkit, models help towards bridging the gap between strategy and execution.

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