11 January 2022
Starting in September, students in the Grande Ecole programme will be able to opt for a semester entirely dedicated to training in environmental and social issues in their future careers, under the umbrella of Gaïa, Audencia's new internal school dedicated to these subjects.

The Gaïa School launched by Audencia this year continues to evolve. As of September, the 1,200 or so Master's students in the Grande Ecole programme will be able to choose to take a semester in M1 (2nd year PGE) that is 100% dedicated to the management of ecological and social transition.


Building strong technical and managerial skills

The semester, 100% in English, is composed of ten 24-hour courses, aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreements. In keeping with the hybrid approach initiated more than 20 years ago, the course will enable students to develop a culture of impact by combining knowledge from management, environmental sciences, humanities, arts and technology.


The 20 courses offered are divided into 4 blocks, of which 7 courses are compulsory, while each student chooses from the catalogue the other 3 elective courses to make up his semester of 10 courses:



Understanding the origin of life, climate and human societies through a multidisciplinary approach. Environmental sciences (biodiversity, climatology, etc.) and history courses are combined, while keeping an economic and managerial perspective.


Acquire knowledge and develop critical thinking about the mechanisms of individual and social behaviour, management, regulation and justice, in the face of the global challenges of the 21st century. This block combines human sciences (psychology, philosophy, etc.), technology and business issues.


Develop a prospective vision of ecological and social transition. Students will establish a scenario for a sustainable future on a specific theme (city, food, transhumanism, financing, etc.), based in particular on courses related to business models and strategic management.


The 3 courses in this block are compulsory (impact development, real consulting project, hacking human biases). The objective is to acquire strategic and managerial skills to act sustainably in organisations and society.


The 240 hours of classes will be taught by permanent professors from the School and professionals, all specialists in environmental and social issues and their management. They will give prominence to immersive teaching techniques: experiences based on emotions and learning strategies derived from neuroscience, experimentation, but also feedback from professionals, and business games.

More details and an overview of the Grande Ecole programme's courses of study.


Because ecological and social transition will only be successful if it becomes everyone's responsibility, in addition to the semester dedicated to the management of ecological and social transition within Gaïa, all Grande Ecole students take courses related to these issues. Thus, the core course in economics has been adapted to global limitations and the energy transition since 2019, i.e. 24 hours of classes for the 540 first-year students. Nearly 1,600 students have already been trained in this course, which also includes the Climate Fresque. For those wishing to pursue a specialisation in the field after their Grande Ecole diploma, Audencia also launched the Specialised Masters® "Actor for Energy Transition" two and a half years ago. The School is also pursuing the ClimatSup Business project with The Shift Project to integrate these issues into all its programmes. In addition, 100% of our masters programmes have been redesigned to integrate the new skills in all the professions of today and tomorrow.

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