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Faculty Newsletter #9 - Impact on Academia

20 June 2019

Here are the latest articles which have been published since the last edition of the Rn’B Lab newsletter. Audencia professors are indicated in bold when they are co-authors.

AZEVEDO, G., & GATES, A. (2019). Wake Up! The World Is Out of Balance and If You Do Nothing You Are Part of the Problem: An Interview With Henry Mintzberg. Journal of Management Inquiry, 28 (2), 180-186.

BENKRAIEM, R., LAHIANI, A., MILOUDI, A., & SHAHBAZ, M. (2019). New Evidence on the Relationship Between Crude Oil Consumption and Economic Growth in the US: A Quantile Causality and Cointegration Approach. Journal of Quantitative Economics, 17 (2), 397–420.

BERNARDIN, E. (2019). A Human-Centered Approach of Organizational Project Management ([reedition] ed.). [city]:

BLOMKVIST, M., FELIXSON, K., & LÖFLUND, A. (2019). Do bidders pay cash for underleveraged targets?. Economics Bulletin, 39 (1), 547-553

BRUNO, B., GARCIA-APPENDINI, E., & NOCERA, G. (2018). Experience and Brokerage in Asset Markets: Evidence from Art Auctions. Financial Management, 47 (4), 833-864. 

CHARLES, A., DARNE, O., & HOARAU, J.-F. (2019). How resilient is La Réunion in terms of international tourism attractiveness: an assessment from unit root tests with structural breaks from 1981-2015. Applied Economics, 51 (24), 2639-2653.

CHARLES, A., & DARNE, O. (2019). The accuracy of asymmetric GARCH model estimation. Économie Internationale / International Economics, 157 ([journalnumber]), 179-202.

CHARLES, A., & DARNE, O. (2019). Volatility estimation for Bitcoin: Replication and robustness. Économie Internationale / International Economics, 157 ([journalnumber]), 23-32.

FERNANDEZ-PEREZ, A., FUERTES, A.-M., & MIFFRE, J. (2019). A comprehensive appraisal of style-integration methods. Journal of Banking and Finance, 105 ([journalnumber]), 134-150.

FILIERI, R., (2019). Implications of pricing decisions in the luxury sector: The mulberry case. In SAGE Business Cases. 2019. 

FILIERI, R., LIN, Z., D'ANTONE, S., & CHATZOPOULOU, E. (2018). A cultural approach to brand equity: the role of brand mianzi and brand popularity in ChinaJournal of Brand Management, 26 ([journalnumber]), 376-394.

FORMENTINI, M., ELLRAM, L., BOEM, M., & DA RE, G. (2019). Finding True North: Design and Implementation of a Strategic Sourcing Framework. Industrial Marketing Management, 77 ([journalnumber]), 182-197.

GALARIOTIS, E., LI, B., & CHAI, D. (2019). Down But Not Out: Plenty of Returns Available for Shorted Down Stocks. International Review of Financial Analysis, 63 (May), 296-306.

GLAIZE, A., DUENAS, A., DI MARTINELLY, C., & FAGNOT, I. (2019). Healthcare decision-making applications using multi-criteria decision analysis: a scoping review. Journal of Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis, 1-22.

HENNEKAM, S., BACOUEL-JENTJENS, S., & YANG, I. (2019). Ethnic diversity management in France: a multilevel perspective. International Journal of Manpower, 40 (1), 120-134.

HENNEKAM, S. (2019). How to adapt a research design to the particularities of a vulnerable group of workers under study. SAGE Research Methods Cases.

HENNEKAM, S., ANANTHRAM, S., & MCKENNA, S. (2019). Co-workers' perceptions of and reactions to employee's involuntary demotionEmployee Relations, 41 (4), 740-757. 

HENNEKAM, S., BENNETT, D., MACARTHUR, S., HOPE, C., & GOH, T. (2019). An international perspective on management career as a woman composer. International Journal of Arts Management, 21 (3), 4-13.

JOHNSEN, T., HOWARD, M., & MIEMCZYK, J. (2018). Purchasing and Supply Chain Management: a Sustainability Perspective (2nd ed.). [city]: Routledge

JOHNSEN, T., & KAMANN, D. (2019). Coping with the future: Picking your battles. Journal of Purchasing and Supply Management, 25 (1), 1-4.

JOHNSEN, T., SCHULTZE, H., & BALS, L. (2019). Individual Competences for Sustainable Purchasing and Supply Management (SPSM): A Literature and Practice Perspective. International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, 49 (3), 287-304.

LANCELOT MILTGEN, C., & SMITH, J. (2019). Falsifying and withholding: Exploring individuals' contextual privacy-related decision-makingInformation and Management, 56 (5), 696-717.

LE PENDEVEN, B. (2019). Social Impact Bonds: A New Public Management Perspective. Finance Contrôle Stratégie, Special Issue n°5.

LOMBART, C., LABBE PINLON, B., NORMAND, J.-M., VERHULST, A., & MOREAU, G. (2019). Comment les consommateurs réagissent-ils, en situation d’achat, face à des fruits et légumes difformes ? Premiers résultats d’une étude menée en magasin laboratoire virtuel immersif. Revue de l'Organisation Responsable, 14 (1), 50-68.

LOUCHE, C., TIMO, B., PATRICIA, C., & ALFRED, M. (2019). Financial Markets and the Transition to a Low-Carbon Economy: Challenging the Dominant Logics. Organization & Environment, 32 (1)

MAKRIDOU, G., DOUMPOS, M., & GALARIOTIS, E. (2019). The financial performance of firms participating in the EU Emissions Trading Scheme. Energy Policy, 129, 250-259.

MIFSUD, M., MOLINES, M., CASES, A.-S., & N'GOALA, G. (2019). “It’s MY healthcare program”: Enhancing diabetic patient's compliance: the role of Psychological Ownership. Social Science and Medicine, 232 (July 2019), 307-315.

MINVIELLE, N., WATHELET, O., & LAUQUIN, M. (2019). Maquetter Ces entreprises qui innovent avec leurs mains. ([reedition] ed.). [city]: Diateino.

NAULLEAU, M. (2019). When TM strategy is not self-evident: action research with a mid-sized French company on organizational issues affecting TM strategy. Management Decision, 57 (5), 1204-1222.

REDOR, E. (2019). An Analysis of the Determinants of Arbitrage Spread. Theoretical Economics Letters, 9 (3), 489-498.

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