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Audencia trains and assists students from post-baccalaureate level upwards in initial and continuing education programs thanks to shared academic excellence that cuts across all our programs.

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The strength of a network

Audencia - Students at the 2022 graduation ceremony

Taking a degree course at Audencia also means joining a powerful and committed alumni network of over 34,000 graduates, 18% of whom are international, with over 100 different nationalities!

Discovering the world, a vocation at Audencia

Audencia - Students at the BBA Master SC Master ceremony

Audencia has multiple partners abroad and every student is required to study abroad for a minimum of one semester.

As a logical consequence of this internationalization, many of our graduates choose to go abroad.

  • 37% in Europe
  • 22% in Africa
  • 18% in Asia
  • 13% in North America
  • 6% in South America
  • 4% in Oceania

Placement of Audencia graduates

Audencia - Student interview at the Bachelor Forum

The placement of Audencia's young graduates has been on a very favorable trend for several years.
The richness and diversity of our graduates' backgrounds encourages them to move into stimulating environments where they can make a strong impact.

Distribution by company typology:

  • 55% in Small and Medium Size Companies
  • 40% in Large Companies
  • 5% in Major Corporations

At the end of their training at Audencia

Audencia - Student reunion at the Atlantis Campus

After graduating from Audencia, our alumni have a wide range of career opportunities: more than a hundred professional paths are open to them.

To name just a few of the major job families, graduates can choose to go into: finance, insurance and auditing, consulting, marketing and communication, commerce, business development, human resources, entrepreneurship...

The 3 major business sectors are:

  • 38% finance and insurance
  • 16% industry
  • 15% commerce, small business sector and tourism 
Audencia - Students at the Bachelor Forum
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