Members of the Research Laboratory

Permanent Members

The researchers at Audencia have different profiles, some focusing on scientific results that have an impact on the academic literature, others on scientific results that have an impact on the economy and society, or on pedagogy.

There is also a group of professors who focus on teaching and/or administration without specific research objectives and who are not mentioned here.

International Affiliated Professors

International Affiliate Professors are external professors who work for Audencia and visit the school one or more times a year. They work closely with members of the permanent faculty on a variety of topics and can provide feedback or ideas for research and research projects, offer training workshops, and often co-author with our permanent faculty.

We currently have 20 affiliated professors working with Audencia in all academic departments.

Guest Members / Guest Experts

They are eminent professors or practitioners who stimulate a two-way dialogue between research and practice, so that our research is informed by practice and vice versa, and addresses issues for business and society.

Doctoral Students, Post-Docs, and Doctoral Programs

Our doctoral students fall into two programs: the DBA program and the PhD program.

See details of our DBA program

PhD students are supervised by our professors and enrolled in various doctoral schools in France or abroad. 20 PhD students and 6 post-docs or research assistants are currently involved in publicly or privately funded projects.