Research Ethics

Research is subject to active and appropriate consideration of ethical issues, of what is right or wrong in the context of the research in which we engage.
Faculty are required to publish in publications of integrity, to avoid predatory journals, and to behave ethically at all stages of the research/publication process.

Ethics Review Process and Committee

Audencia - Conference on Research Ethics

Audencia has a centralized ethical review process for research through our Ethics Committee, chaired by Professor Raffaele Filieri. The ethical review process applies to all research conducted by Audencia's educator-researchers and is part of Audencia's commitment to research integrity. The Ethics Committee is guided by the Academy of Management's Ethics Charter.

It impartially reviews ethics review requests, cases of academic misconduct, and complaints, including those from outside the school.

In the event of allegations of academic misconduct involving Audencia researchers, please contact us by sending an email with your contact information and, if possible, a summary of the case. We will respond within 5 business days with a summary of the process, which aims to provide impartial support, and a request for evidence.

Internal faculty members are asked to follow the information available on the intranet for all matters, including ethics review approvals.