1-Year MSc in Corporate Finance & Investment Banking

Master the art of strategic financial decision-making and investment banking, fostering ethical and sustainable growth in the corporate world.

1-Year MSc in Corporate Finance & Investment Banking

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Stand out in the exciting world of banking and financial services.
Explore the elaborate intersections of financial strategy and market dynamics with our comprehensive Master's program in Corporate Finance and Investment Banking.
A program designed to equip ambitious professionals with the cutting-edge skills and knowledge needed to excel in the global financial landscape.
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  • Rhythm :
    Full time
  • Total duration :
    14 months maximum
  • Degree :
    Master of science - Grade Master, Visé BAC+5
  • Language(s) :
  • Format :
    In person
  • Campus :
    Audencia Atlantic Campus - Nantes, Paris Campus - Paris
  • Start Date :
  • Number of places :
  • VAE accessible :
  • Entry level :
  • Duration of internship / Work experience :
    4-6 months
  • Training schedule :
    The 1-year MSc program offers a total of 408 hours of training
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Program Benefits

  • Master the formulation and execution of strategic financial plans that drive business growth and profitability.
  • Develop the ability to assess and mitigate financial risks, ensuring sustainable and ethical business practices.
  • Managing energy and social change
  • Learn to lead and manage diverse teams and projects in a global context, understanding cross-cultural business dynamics.
  • Cultivate expertise in managing the financial aspects of energy transitions and social change initiatives.
  • Acquire specialized skills in directing management activities across various professional fields such as Strategy, Finance, and Human Resources.