1-Year MSc in Digital Business & Data Management

Understand the challenges of evolution and apply new management approaches based on these technologies.

1-Year MSc in Managing Businesses in a Digital World

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The digital revolution is real, pervasive and inevitable. This global megatrend is at the heart of our future world.

It is the result of unprecedented, exponential technological advances that are becoming the focus of the future. New digital technologies such as AI, big data, and blockchain are disrupting the global economy and will continue to profoundly shape the way we buy, work, and live.
As a result, companies are accelerating their digital transformation. Between the metamorphosis of the traditional business model and the development of new digital services, the number of initiatives is increasing. However, the majority of these initiatives will fail, in part due to a lack of human and digital expertise. 

Understanding this digital disruption requires a new vision and an urgent need to assimilate this new business, which is here to stay and take root.
In particular, companies need a new generation of managers with "digital talents" who can decipher the codes and rules that govern this digital world. 
With the MSc in Digital Business & Data Management, you'll be able to understand the facets of this digital disruption, respond more quickly and effectively, infuse the organization with the digital spirit and philosophy, and develop the new skills you need to advance your career in a high-growth market.
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  • Rhythm:
    Full time
  • Total duration:
    14 months maximum
  • Degree:
    Master of science - Grade Master, Visé BAC+5
  • Language(s):
  • Format:
    In person
  • Campus:
    Audencia Atlantic Campus - Nantes
  • Start Date:
  • Number of places:
  • VAE accessible:
  • Entry level:
    BAC +4
  • Duration of internship / Work experience:
    4-6 months
  • Training schedule:
    The 1-year MSc program offers a total of 408 hours of training

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How to respond more quickly and effectively to digital disruption, and gain the vision, business skills, and digital capabilities to advance your career.

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