2-Year MSc in Data Management in Corporate Finance

Become a player in the world of data serving finance.

2-Year MSc in Data Management for Corporate Finance

The Program

Located in one of France's most pleasant cities, Audencia is one of Europe's top-ranked business schools. The school has forged strong links with the business world and boasts triple accreditation. As finance is not just about acquiring technical skills, Audencia helps you develop soft skills and analytical competencies. The program includes:

  • A holistic approach to the fields of finance, data science and technology, strategy and leadership.
  • Teaching based on "bilingual" finance/data science use cases.
  • Faculty in finance, accounting/management control and information systems/IA.

1st year of compulsory education in Nantes.

Global Management

List of courses

Here are a few examples of what we teach in the MSc in Data Management in Corporate Finance :

  • Statistics and econometrics
  • Quantitative methods
  • Programming methods
  • Data strategy and digital transformation of CEO rôle
  • Accounting and financial analysis
  • Reporting, budgeting and analyzing financial data
  • Big data and analytics for performance management
  • Financial data visualization
  • Data management and analytics
  • Advanced accounting and auditing
  • Financial diagnostic and valuation
  • Financial engineering
  • Python for finance
  • Performance management and business intelligence
  • Change and project management
  • Management control and CSR 

Pedagogical methods

The program is based on alternating theoretical and practical face-to-face sessions involving case studies with software used in corporate finance, group work with software and interactive lessons.

Assessment Terms

Continuous monitoring, Examens sur table, Final dissertation, Group work

Teaching methods

  • Theoretical Courses 
  • Case Studies
  • Practical Exercises
  • Group Projects