2-Year MSc in Digital Marketing

Enhance your creativity, analytical skills, and marketing impact.

2-Year MSc in Digital Marketing

The Program

The Msc in Digital Marketing is a comprehensive course that provides a solid foundation of skills:

  • The professionalizing pedagogy of the MSc in Digital Marketing and Strategy is based on the combination of academic content systematically complemented by practical workshops and real-life situations that enhance your operational readiness.
  • You'll benefit from expert lectures and take part in exclusive projects with Audencia partner companies such as Eram, Galeries Lafayette, TSC, Convertéo, Cdiscount and Rakuten.

The first year must be spent in Nantes.

Global Management

List of courses

Here are just a few examples of the courses taught on the MSc Digital Marketing:

  • Strategic Marketing
  • Transformative Consumer Behavior
  • Sustainability, Innovation and Impact in a Finite World
  • Digital transformation and omnichannel strategies
  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Growth Marketing
  • Data Marketing and the MarTech Stack
  • Social Media, Content and Influencer Marketing
  • Digital Privacy and Ethics
  • Website and Social Media Analysis
  • Performance Marketing and Digital Campaign Optimization
  • Digital Marketing Consulting Project

Pedagogical methods

The program is based on alternating theoretical and practical sequences (face-to-face or distance learning) using business simulations, case studies and interactive lessons.

Assessment Terms

Continuous monitoring, Examens sur table, Final dissertation

Teaching methods

  • Theoretical Courses 
  • Case Studies
  • Practical Exercises
  • Group Projects