Audencia Alumni Transitions Club

We believe that in order to achieve this, several transitions must be made: social, environmental, personal, professional, individual, collective...

Audencia Alumni: our professions, our expertise and our areas of activity are diverse, our field of action is wide! We all have a role to play in the face of the climate and social emergency!
What motivates us is to join forces to create a new model of society, one that renews the way we produce, work, consume and live together.

Their fields of action:

  • #Awareness - Reflect, discuss, share, and debate social issues to sharpen our critical thinking and individual positions. Encourage everyone to take action in their commitment.
  • #TransitionPro - To inspire, equip and facilitate connections so that everyone can become a change agent in their organization or evolve into a positive impact ecosystem.
  • #SchoolRelation - Support the school in its desire to be "a better school for the world" and help implement its Ecos 2025 strategic plan.