Dedicated Courses

In addition to integrating the challenges of environmental and social transition into all its training programs, Audencia also draws on the expertise of its faculty to offer several training programs dedicated to CSR for those who wish to become players in these transitions. These courses use immersive teaching methods and are often based on the hybridization of skills.

Gaïa: Audencia's School of Ecological and Social Transition

Audencia - Rentrée Gaia

Gaïa is the very first School launched by a Business School that is entirely dedicated to the training of management strategies and practices with a positive impact, in line with the objectives of sustainable development. This is where tomorrow's professional projects, entrepreneurial initiatives and research will be built around the major issues of environmental and social transition.

All Audencia students, whether in initial or executive education, will pass through Gaïa, via immersions of varying durations, but the school will also be accessible to all students, with no degree requirements. A series of free courses and activities, open to all, as well as a system of scholarships, will make it possible for anyone who is deeply concerned by the great issues of our time to be educated or re-educated.

At Gaïa, they will rub shoulders with energy sciences, biology, urban planning and sociology, as well as all management disciplines, rethought through the prism of sustainable development, through concrete projects proposed by the school's partners. Gaïa will be supported by a network of like-minded partners, including companies, social economy actors, NGOs, trade unions, public bodies and other academic institutions, who will come together in a new building designed to meet the most demanding environmental standards, and which will become a meeting place for all actors seeking to build different futures.

CSR course

The Corporate Social Responsibility course invites you to spend a year exploring how companies integrate sustainable development into their day-to-day strategies and activities.
In the first semester, you will gain a better understanding of the link between societal challenges and their application in business (what is the concept of CSR, what are the measurement and management tools, and for what purposes).

The second semester takes a deeper look at diversity and inclusion in business. Classes focus on the implementation of CSR in the workplace, with practitioners invited to share their company's practices. 
Since integrating CSR dimensions into your future roles is at the heart of Audencia Business School's project, you will also be able to draw on the resources of the CSR Institute and the CSR Chair.

MSc in Management for Sustainable Business

The MSc in Management for Sustainable Business is the essential introduction to:

  • Exploring complex issues and making decisions that balance social, environmental and economic objectives in uncertain contexts
  • Developing holistic, inclusive and sustainable business strategies
  • Developing skills in innovation, creativity and change
  • Gaining technical expertise in CSR certification, auditing, reporting and impact, as well as circular economy and social finance
  • Transforming business models to better integrate sustainable development and the interests of all stakeholders.

Specialized Master for Energy Transition Player (MS APTE)

Four academic institutions in the Nantes metropolitan area have joined forces to offer a program that draws on the recognized expertise of their international teaching and research staff in the fields of engineering, urban planning, design and management.

Classes are organized around innovative, multidisciplinary projects carried out with businesses, community stakeholders, and government agencies. In this way, you will learn to master technical knowledge, put it into practice, and bring together different stakeholders for the benefit of responsible economic development.

Anchored in the Nantes metropolitan area, known for its commitment to environmental transition, the program has a strong European dimension and will be completed by a study visit in this field to a pilot city abroad.

Executive MBA Chief Value Officer

The Executive MBA Chief Value Officer is the world's first EMBA dedicated to transforming the measurement, control, and audit professions into the "multi-capital" world.

Integrated thinking, value creation, responsible strategic leadership and an international dimension are the hallmarks of our Chief Value Officer MBA. Audencia offers you world-class teaching with exceptional faculty and experienced professors, as well as strategic partnerships.