Emerge Program

The goal: to validate your idea, to validate a business project and to integrate the IMPACT/ecological transition dimension to design a solution that meets market expectations.

Challenges and Goals

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The challenges

  • Confirm your intuition
  • Why you?
  • Why now?

For whom?

Any student who wants to formalize an entrepreneurial idea in parallel to their studies, except those who have chosen the specialization in Entrepreneurship; and Bachelor in Management students, who will have the opportunity to enroll in P360 Creation (Emerge Summer).

Format and Language

Audace" entrepreneurship competition


Over a period of 3-4 months, we will guide you through the first entrepreneurial steps of your project through group workshops.


Each workshop is held in French and English, and you can choose your preferred language when you register.

Key Information

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The Emerge Program:

  • Is selective and will be based on the quality of your application and its fit with the proposed program
  • Available to any student enrolled in any of Audencia's programs (except the Entrepreneurship specialization)
  • Does not award ECTS credits
  • Requires a commitment and investment to work and actively participate in the workshops and coaching sessions offered


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