Impulse Program

The goal: to formalize your business creation and experience the actual launch of your project.

Challenges and targets

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The challenges

  • taking action
  • making your first sales
  • confirming my entrepreneurial vocation

For whom?

Any student, alone or in a team, can apply to replace a traditional internship (or gap year) with an entrepreneurial internship, subject to acceptance after selection by Audencia's Pôle Entrepreneur and the Pays de la Loire PEPITE program.


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Coaching & Internship

Personalized and professional coaching will guide you through your first creations.

The entrepreneurial training requires a commitment of resources from the successful holders. This means that the creation of a legal structure is not an obligation, but all the resources committed must demonstrate the goodwill and commitment of the beneficiaries to pass a milestone in the development and concretization of their projects.

It is through regular liaison with the support stakeholders (PEPITE Pays de la Loire program and Audencia's Pôle Entrepreneur) that this commitment of resources can be evaluated.

The Entrepreneurship Internship will be evaluated at the end of the period in the same way as a traditional internship and will be evaluated by the tutor professor based on the internship report that will be prepared.


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To ensure that the lack of an internship allowance does not act as a brake on the commitment to an entrepreneurial project, an entrepreneurial grant can be requested to support the entrepreneurial commitment and deployment. Its amount is negotiated each year with the Audencia Foundation and is validated as soon as possible after the registration of the agreements to trigger monthly payments until the end of the internship period.

In 2022, the IMPULSE life grant will be set at a total of €2,500 per entrepreneurial student replacing an end-of-study internship and €1,000 for a student in the second part of an AIPM gap year.

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